What you will need to start your own massage therapy business.

October 30, 2006

What you will need to start your own massage therapy business.
Recently I have received a lot of inquires about what massage supplies are needed to start a massage business. I will break them down into categories in this article. I will also expand it to include everything I can think of that you will need to start your business. I hope other massage therapists will help add to the list of supplies a new massage therapist will need for their office. This list is quite extensive and depending on how you decide to go into business some of this may not apply to you. For example, if you are renting a room in an already established massage business you will not need the reception furniture, bathroom supplies and cleaning supplies. The list is to help a new massage therapist think of anything they will need to start their massage therapy business.

For any business you will need to acquire the appropriate business licenses. We have our state business license as well as a city license. We are also required to have a massage license through the state department of health.

You may also want to consider business insurance and malpractice insurance. Your business insurance should cover all your assets in case of theft or fire. It should also cover if a client trips and falls in your office. Malpractice insurance will cover you if you ever hurt a client.
A security system can be installed for a small monthly fee to protect form robbery and vandalism. Panic alarms can be added to the system. They will alert the police if the button is pushed.

For your massage room:

Massage table
Chair for your client
Dimmer light
Room heater
Music system
Hooks for coats and clothing
Small desk or shelves
8oz bottle with pump
Muscular system chart/art/posters/degrees for your walls
Garbage can
Hand sanitizer
Table warmer
Sheets 2 week supply
Face cradle covers or pillow cases

For reception you may need the following supplies:

Printer ink
Clip boards
2 hole punch
3 hole punch
Address stamp
Schedule book
File cabinets
File folders with clasps
Hanging files
Waiting room chairs
Chair for the desk
Coat hangers
Phone wire
Answering machine or Voice mail
Credit machine
2 garbage cans one for under the desk and one for the clients
Gift certificates
3 ring binders
Health intake forms
Soap forms
Business cards
Receipt books
Brochures/ handouts
Bottled water
Drawer organizer
Inter office mail slots
Pen cup


Toilet paper
Paper towels
Garbage can
Toilet brush

Cleaning supplies

Garbage bags
Carpet sweeper
Paper towels
Hand towels
Laundry detergent
Fabric softener


Mail box

If you are opening your own office and are leasing a space you may be responsible for paying the electricity, gas, water, sewer and garbage bills.

You may want to invest in a small freezer or ice machine if you are doing treatment work. For an ice machine you will also want to get some gallon freezer baggies. You will want to buy ice packs to keep in the freezer.

When you are first starting a massage business your laundry will be easy to wash at home. As your business grows you may want to look into a laundry service. We use the local laundry. They have a drop off service and are cheaper than the ones that let you use their sheets.

You will also need to contact the phone company and have phone lines installed. Most massage therapists can work with 1-2 lines depending on what they need. One phone line can be used for the fax, internet and credit machine. It is best to leave your phone on its own line.


You can add extra income to your massage business by selling massage supplies.

October 22, 2006

You can add extra income to your massage business by selling massage supplies.


Some of the best products to keep in stock include small bottles of massage lotions and oils. Clients often ask about the type of lotion we as massage therapists use. You can purchase 2oz bottles for the lotion and use the gallon that you use for clients to fill the smaller bottle. An address label is a great way to mark the contents of the bottle so your client can remember the type of lotion they have along with any additional scent you have added.  Also keep some of the most popular essential oils to sell. This is a great way to customize the sent of the massage lotion or oil.

Sombra pain relieving gel


Sombra pain relieving gel or Biofreeze is another must have massage supply. Many massage therapists use this item on our clients but fail to keep a few extra on hand for when a client asks where they can buy a bottle of Biofreeze or Sombra gel. By keeping extra you are sure not to run out but can also let your client know that they can purchase it form you and do not have to drive anywhere to purchase the Sombra gel or Biofreeze.



By selling these few massage supplies you can add some extra income to your massage business. Most therapists already have all of these items for using on their clients. Why not make them available for sale so your clients can take these items home. Again the must have massage supplies to have available for sale to your clients are massage lotions, massage oils, essential oils, Sombra pain relieving gel or Biofreeze.  


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October 22, 2006

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